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Jakarta, Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 –IAAS Indonesia succesfully held IAAS Summit. IAAS Summit is a breakthrough that initiated by National Committee of IAAS Indonesia that brings a mission to “rebranding” agriculturein Indonesia especially for the youth. As “Bringing Agriculture to the New Sexy” ischosenasthetopic, IAAS Summit invited various stakeholders such as from government institution, companies, organizations, communities, and students to contribute together for developing agriculture inIndonesia and foster the young generation interest in agriculture to make it more knowledgable as interesting, explorable, and prospective sector. This year is an exceptional year for IAAS Indonesia.

The event opened by Mr. Ali Abdi from the Agricultural Sector of US Embassy by giving his opening remarks continued by Mr. Harimurti who gave his keynote speech about history of IAAS Indonesia according to his personal view regarding youth involvement in agriculture. Mr. Ageng as one of the keynote speaker from the FAO Indonesia Representative talked about current condition and the reason why young generation should more involve in agriculture. He as well said “One of the biggest challenge of agriculture is climate change.” The importance of climate recurrence is relatively high. “Climate change shifts every aspects of life,” he added.

iaas-1Picture 1 IAAS Summit invited speakers from various backgrounds. Keynote speakers from US Embassy, FAO Indonesia to IAAS Indonesia Representatives. Two session of Agritalk welcomed PT. Pandawa Putra, Thought For Food, PT. Pupuk Indonesia, SNV Indonesia and OXFAM.

IAAS Summit had two sessions of Agritalk, a seminar and Q&A sessions, with five speakers from various of backgrounds. The first topic was “Youth Agripreneur” which invited Thought For Food (TFF) Mashita Fajri, Mr. Kukuh Roxa Putra Hadriyani from PT. Pandawa Putra and also Ms. Kartinah Wahyu Wiyati from PT. Pupuk Indonesia. In this session, they talked about why young generation better to make new innovation for agriculture development.

The second topic was “Creating The Next Contributor of Indonesia’s Agriculture” with Dr. Rizki Pandu Pernama as Sector Leader Agriculture SNV Indonesia who gave explanation about SNV Contribution in Agriculture sector in Indonesia and Andi Cipta Asmawanty from OXFAM Indonesia who share their thought about Growing with Youth in Agriculture and explained about Duta Petani Muda the event that find young agriprenuer, she said “Indonesia has been lacking in agricultural especially in accessibility of good labors,” she mentioned.

iaas-2Picture 2 Audiences of IAAS Summit took part in the Q&A sessions.

For 24 years, IAAS Indonesia has been developing many ways to create a sustainable living growth in agriculture and related sciences. Growing in more than 50 countries and about 10.000 members, IAAS is the largest international student association in agriculture and related sciences. IAAS Indonesia brought together many inspiring programs such as Snapfood Campaign (a movement to remind the society of no food waste measure), Village Concept Project (a program of which targets the empowering rural society); national and international exchange programs (a prospect of internship program made for the youths), AgriYouth (an original campaign aim to re-brand the agriculture by in an unique way ), and also their vision towards the field of agriculture. IAAS Indonesia as the leading agricultural youth development and dedicated organization has a mission to create world class member with grassroots understanding particularly in agriculture. In addition, IAAS Indonesia aim to bring up the most important issues like rural community, education, environment, food waste on the subject of make a better change for the sake of sustainable living.

Picture 3 The National Commitee presented IAAS Indonesia programs to the audiences from stakeholders until students.

The last session was IAAS Partnership Awarding. The event was made because IAAS Indonesia felt that it was time to give back to whom has been supporting their advancement. On that night, IAAS Indonesia was able to expressed their gratitude by awarding 6 partners, which are:
-PT. Indmira
-ICBB (Indonesian Center for Biodiversity and Biotechnology)
-IDKP (Gerakan Indonesia Diet Kantong Plastik)
-Kelompok Wanita Komplek Al-ichwan Banjarbaru
-Rumah Hijau Hydrofarm
-PT. Pupuk Indonesia
With high appreciations from IAAS Indonesia, they also wished that their the ongoing partnership will be sustainable through the years.
IAAS Summit would like to thank the honorable guests that came to the event; Mr. Ali from the Agricultural Sector of US Embassy who gave few opening remarks, Agritalk speakers from PT. Pandawa Putra Indonesia Group, TFF, PT. Pupuk Indonesia, SNV Indonesia and OXFAM Indonesia, partners of IAAS Indonesia, and also participants of the event. By this event, IAAS Indonesia hoped for sustainable strategic partnership and a new spirit of re-branding agricultural sector.

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written by: Tri Wahyu Melani
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