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[ IYOIN LC TANGERANG EXCITEDLY PRESENT OUR 4TH ONLINE LECTURE] Are you interested to join an International Event.. ❔❔ But you don't know how to get it ❔❔ . . This is your answer !! Let's join ONLINE LECTURE IYOIN LC Tangerang ❕ With the best and Inspiring speaker. Prepare…
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[OPEN VOLUNTEER] Hi IYOINers !!!! Kali ini, IYOIN LC Malang akan mengadakan Open Recruitment buat kalian semua yang ada di Kota Malang untuk menjadi bagian dari National Seminar yang bertemakan “Break the Language Barrier, Be the Next Achiever, Brighten up Your Future” Open Recruitment Volunteer for : - Event Organizing…
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IYOIN Medan: Online Lecture

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IYOIN LC MEDAN PROUDLY PRESENTS "Getting Scholarship and Overcoming Culture Shock Preparation Easily" THE FIRST EVER OLEC BY IYOIN LC MEDAN This special lecture will be delivered by two inspirational and admirable speakers: Achmad Hambali Nasution ↪M.Sc in Plant Science Wagenigen University, Netherlands. ✔LPDP RI Teguh Budianto ↪M.Eng in Intelligent…
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IYOIN di Dunia Internasional

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                      IYOIN Resmi Menjadi Bagian dari United Nation SDSN Youth dan Together 2030 [Jumat, 11 Maret 2017] Indonesian Youth Opportunities in International Networking (IYOIN) adalah sebuah organisasi pemuda yang bergerak di bidang pendidikan, kepemudaan, sosial, dan jaringan internasional. Selama satu…
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🔊IYOIN LC SOLO proudly presents 🔊 👁‍🗨"Struggle To Get a Scholarship to UK" 👁‍🗨 Hi Guys, are you ready for the first olec by IYOIN SOLO ❓❓ There will be super duper inspired speakers 🕵‍♀ We will discuss all about the things to study abroad in UK with LPDP scholarship,…
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